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I have always been borne with a deep passion for the creation of art, and my first professional foray into it came with my transition to California, where I studied figure drawing extensively at the Associates of Arts in Sherman Oaks in 1997. During that same time, I also ventured to Lankershim Union Animation Hall in North Hollywood to study traditional in-betweening. In order to further hone my skill set and to root myself more professionally in my dreams, I attended Brooks College in Long Beach, California, where I earned my Associates degree in multimedia, graduating in 2001 with honors after having made the Dean’s List all five terms.


That same year after graduating, I was hired on by Norm Marshall and Associates (acquired by Corbis Entertainment in 2012), a leading entertainment marketing agency which specialized in product placement for all types of mediums including  television shows, and film. From there, I spent many years actualizing my abilities as a designer, receiving training in motion graphics, video editing, and 3D rendering, as I sought to create more professional reels for brand clients in the company and executed promotion through print, websites, sizzle reels, and marketing campaigns. If you’ve read this far, then it’s safe to say that you want to know what makes my brand of artwork credible enough to stand on its own. While I pride myself on all of my education and professional achievements, it is my drive to continually pursue better and more meaningful visions (and platforms to present them on), that makes me stand out; in a word, adaptability. I am never satisfied until I have seen a vision all the way through, and have another ready to work on, and it is my mission to continually adapt to the digital medium in order to produce artwork that conveys my brand of creativity as well as a concrete sense of professionalism.


I'm based in Georgia. If I can help or if you have questions, send me a message.

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